How to Install the Eclipse Groovy Plugin

These instructions are from the official Groovy website.

Before you begin the installation, first make sure to a recent version of Eclipse.  I am using Eclipse 3.4.1 for my installation.

Installing the plugin from within Eclipse:

  1. Go to Help -> Software Updates
  2. Switch to the Available Software tab
  3. Click on Add Site
  4. In the Location text box paste this url: and press OK
  5. Click the boxes next to the groovy features you would like installed and then click on the Install button
  6. Click Finish to go ahead with the install.

If you have any problems or encounter errors during the install, have no fear!  There is another way:

  1. Download the .zip from
  2. Extract the content of the .zip into the Eclipse \plugins and \features directories.

The next time you restart Eclipse, you should have a working Groovy plugin.

Note: I have installed this plugin on multiple versions of Eclipse and have always had to use this second option.  The Groovy plugin has many dependencies within Eclipse that I can’t be bothered to track down and fix.  In the end, the .zip method still manages to get the Groovy plugin installed correctly.

Author: Aaron Ferguson

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