Fitbit Just Updated Their Dashboard and It Is Better Than Ever

Updated Fitbit Dashboard

Graphics Update and Addition of This Week’s Activity Tile

If you are a regular Fitbit user, then you likely noticed that the main dashboard on the website was updated earlier this week. All existing dashboard tiles have now been given a much-needed graphical update. There is also a really useful new tile called This Week’s Activity. You can use the tile to toggle between logged steps, floors (if tracked by your Fitbit device), and calories. The tile clearly conveys any progress towards your daily and weekly activity goals, and has quickly become my favorite tile on the dashboard.

No Colorblind Option

Unfortunately this redesign did not include the addition of a colorblind option for Fitbit users. At times I have found difficult to distinguish between graph data due to the choice of color palate being unfriendly to my red-green colorblindness. Given that the entire dashboard was redesigned as part of this update, this was a bit of a missed opportunity to make an even more significant impact for colorblind users of the Fitbit dashboard.


Pros: Much-needed graphical refresh of tiles, addition of new This Week’s Activity tile.
Cons: Color palate still unfriendly at times for colorblind users.
Stars: 4 of 5.

Author: Aaron Ferguson

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