Arduino Duemilanove Inventor’s Kit

I recently discovered the open-source electronics prototyping platform called Arduino.  I ordered the Arduino Professional Kit from and have been playing with it ever since.  It is a fun way to waste a couple of hours at night after work.  The device runs on C applications that you write for it using the Arduino IDE.  The kit came with:

Arduino Duemilanove USB
Printed 36-page manual
12 color circuit overlays
Clear Bread Board
74HC595 Shift Register
2N2222 Transistors
1N4001 Diodes
DC Motor with wires
Small Servo
5V Relay
LM335A Temp Sensor
6′ USB Cable
Jumper Wires
Tri-color LED
Red and Green LEDs
10K Trimpot
Piezo Buzzer
Big 12mm Buttons
330 and 10K Resistors
Male Headers

and doesn’t require any soldering skills to use, which is great if you’ve never soldered anything before like me.  For around $100 CDN including shipping, I highly recommend this kit to anyone that’s considered playing with hardware at all before.

Author: Aaron Ferguson

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