Arduino Inventor’s Guide CIRC-02 (Multiple LEDs)

The second circuit in the Arduino Inventor’s Guide is a little more complicated than the first one. This time there are 8 LEDs connected to the board, but the LED animation is still fairly simple. It iterates over each LED and turns each one on. Once they are all on, it then loops backward turning each one off. It uses:

Arduino CIRC-02Arduino CIRC-02
  • 1 x Arduino Duemilanove
  • 1 x breadboard
  • 8 x Yellow LED
  • 8 x 330 Ohm resistor (Orange-Orange-Brown)
  • 10 x wire (8 for pins to LEDs, 1 each for gnd and 5v)

This one I was expecting to run into difficulty with but after connecting everything it worked on the first try!

You can get a copy of the breadboard layout sheet here, download the code for the sketch from here, or watch an assembly video here.

Author: Aaron Ferguson

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